Southern Maine Mosquito

& Tick Control

Our mission is to protect the people and pets of Maine from mosquito and tick-borne diseases and to help them to enjoy their yards. Our environmentally friendly services are applied by industry professionals and include a satisfaction guarantee for both mosquitoes and ticks. We offer affordable services and take the time to customize a program to fit your needs.



What Sets Southern Maine

Mosquito & Tick Control Apart

One Treatment Controls

Both Mosquitoes and Ticks

  • ​Controls Both Mosquitoes and Ticks by treating your lawn, shrubs, and 30-40 feet into the wood line perimeter. The residual barrier product will eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact and then provide residual control for +/-30 days.

  • Notice immediate results within 24 hours.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Satisfaction Guarantee; Callback Services, if needed, provided at No Additional Charge

  • Receive Call or Text the day before every service

  • Full Season Programs customized to fit each customer's specific needs

No Backpack Foggers

  • Southern Maine Mosquito & Tick does NOT use backpack foggers like many companies do. The fog applications provide little to no longterm results

  • We utilize a power spray application, a high-pressure hose spray, that is a more controlled application that provides much longer lasting results, up to 30 days of residual control for both mosquitoes and ticks


About Us

Southern Maine Mosquito & Tick Control is a family-owned and operated company serving the people of York and Cumberland counties. The owner/operator is a licensed Master Applicator and has been licensed and certified in Maine since 1999. We combine industry knowledge and exceptional customer service to offer a complete mosquito and tick control program. Our service programs not only protect people and pets from mosquito and tick borne diseases but also enable our clients to enjoy their yards. 


It's so nice to finally enjoy our yard without being driven inside by the mosquitoes. And our kids play outside all day and we haven't found any ticks on them.

Cindy W., Kennebunkport


After my husband was diagnosed with Lyme Disease we were afraid to use our yard. Joe setup a tick control program and now we have the peace of mind knowing that our yard is protected.

Amanda P., Scarborough


Our next door neighbor had an outdoor party but at dusk the mosquitoes were unbearable. We decided to move the party to our back deck and everyone was amazed by how few mosquitoes there were. We have never enjoyed our yard this much, this service makes such a difference.

Patrick J., Saco


Lyme Disease and the Deer Tick

Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the U.S. and unfortunately Maine is right on the frontline. The things that make Maine great, like the vast forests and variety of wildlife, also make it a perfect breeding ground for deer ticks and Lyme Disease. The mice, chipmunks, deer, and other native animals act as hosts for deer ticks and are transporting them around your property. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to protect the area you spend the majority of your time. TAKE BACK YOUR BACKYARD.

Confirmed Lyme Cases in 2019

Lyme disease is concentrated in the Northeast and upper Midwest with 14 states accounting for 96% of the cases in the U.S. The state with the highest rate of Lyme per capita is Maine with now more than double the rate of Connecticut, where Lyme Disease originated. And as you can see from the map, southern Maine is the most active area of the state.

Know Your Enemy

Ticks don't fly, they don't jump, and they rarely crawl onto you. They "quest" by getting on the end of a blade of grass or twig and waiting patiently for a host to walk by. They have their front legs in the air and latch on to anything that makes contact. This knowledge should give you a better understanding of tick-prone areas and when it is necessary to perform extra tick checks.


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